And, standing on the edge of our slip, dreams of the day I would fold the lines, place them on board, ask Marcia if she is ready, and launch our boat downstream. Never to return to winter again. Embarking on a journey of water instead of land. Wind instead of gasoline. Charts instead of road maps. Whose outcome is completely unknown and totally uncertain. One of discovery and excitement and at times, sheer terror. But one of a new beginning and conclusion to a dream long savored.

Yes, I know I am almost finished. You see, I am almost broke.

Let us all remember to enjoy our toys and the beauty above and within each of us

I, want to live, some where, so when I walk from my car to the front door of an office, it is not necessarily a life threatening experience. The human body was never designed to endure minus 30 Fahrenheit.

I, want to live, some where, so when I walk from my car to the front door of an office, it is not necessarily a life threatening experience. The human body was never designed to endure 102 above Fahrenheit.

Jon and Marcia ...


"There's nothing . . . absolutely nothing . . . half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats."

Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows


"Today, Is The Day!"

Ruth Bernhardt - Photographer - 1905-2006


Happy New Year 2013 !

Well, I finally got everything up to date. I rambled a bit while responding to "life". Have started a long overdue project - rebuilding the master bath shower and floors. Then finish the winter cover, and well, whatever else comes my way.

Let's all hope this year brings our troops home, an improvement in our economy and Peace, to each of us ...


Trip 197 - Fetch Sails and Deck Woodwork ...

Fall Haulout ... And some missives ...

The Fifth ...

The Fourth ...

The Third ...

The Second Sail ...


First Sail - Hot, Left The Dock - Light Air - July 23rd

Just like it says and lotsa light air.


Sail 02 -Sunday - July 29th

Another light air sail.


Sail 03 - Sunday - August 5th

Heavy air, wind all over the compass, really tiring.


Motor About - Hot - Left The Dock July 6th

Came to fetch the Deck Water and Waste Fills. Check the outlet size for the head. Get Empty Pockets off the dock and out and about.


Trip 195 - Much Adieu About Nothing July 1st

Came down to make a little more progress on what ever. Where ever.


Trip 194 - Ventilator, Odds and Ends - Monday June 25th

Finish the Ventilator, do some other odds and ends ...


Waterski Days - Lake City - Sunday June 24th

The sport of Water Skiing was invented in 1922 by Ralph Samuelson of Lake City. Right on Lake Pepin. We took in the festivities. (Lotsa pictures)


Trip 193 - Tuesday June 19th

Another trip to do -something- on Empty Pockets.


Trip 192 - Friday June 8th

Try to get the Halyard unstuck and hang the Jib. If time, mount the new ventilator.


Trip 191 - June 7th

A Quick Trip and the Forward Hatch Ventilator.


Trips 182-190 - April 29th thru June 3rd

A recap of several trips, and activities this past spring.


Trips 178-181 Fall 2011

Well, about time to bring all up to date. Be prepared for an assortment of trivia and off-topic stuff.


Trip 177 - Sunday Afternoon - July 31st

Trip 176 - Saturday Evening - July 30th

Trip 175 - Friday Afternoon - July 29th

Flotsam - When Ever, Where Ever ...

Air and Space Museum - Saturday - July 24th

Trip 174 - Thursday - July 7th


Trip 173- Friday - June 17th

Do something ...


Trip 172- Sunday - June 5th

Hang sails, check engine, broasted chicken, ham salad.


Trip 171- Saturday - June 4th 2011

Time to fix the Windex and hang the newly washed Halyards.


Benson Mn Postcards

A diversion as I post a sample of the old Postcards I have collected.


Trip 169 170 - Sat-Mon May 21-23rd 2011

Last minute touch ups and Back In The Water.


Trip 166 167 168 - Tue-Wed-Thu - May 17-18-19th 2011

More prep for The Season.


Annapolis - Saturday - May 7th 2011

Trip 165 - Monday - May 16th 2011

Trip 164 - Sunday - May15th 2011

Trip 163 - Friday - May 13th 2011

Trip 162 - Friday - April 29th 2011

Trip 161 - Tuesday - April 19th 2011


Trip 160 - Monday Evening - Apr 4th 2011

Beautiful afternoon, high water on Pepin, another Car Ride.


Trip 159 - Saturday Morning - Feb 12th 2011

A brief car ride to Empty Pockets. A great breakfast at Rhythm and Brew. Some pontificating and a pile of Quotations.


Trip 158 - Sunday - Jan 2nd 2011 2011

We needed to get out of the house so we went for a Car Ride. We do these things often, in our house. Fetched a small cable for the battery charger, checked things over and returned home.


Blizzard - Saturday - Dec 11th 2010

Some musings on our latest weather.


Trip 157 - Wednesday Evening - Dec 1st 2010

Finally get the motor totally winterized and clean up the threads on the bilge bolts.


Trip 156 - Sunday - Nov 28th 2010

Check things out and De-Ice the bilge.


Trip 155 - Wednesday Evening - October 27th 2010

A quick trip to prep Empty Pockets for shrinkwrap.


Trip 154 - Sunday - Oct 24th 2010

Our 12+ year old Maytag washing machine is on the fritz, and I needed all my tools, so we went for a Sunday Car Ride on a cool, cloudy day.


Trip 151-152-153 - Tue/Wed Evening - Fri - May 19/20th 22nd 2010

This, the week the marks "The Last Gasp of Summer", I felt compelled to do two tasks I have ignored all year.


Trip 150 - Thursday - Oct 7th 2010

Time for Empty Pockets to come out of the water. And time to reflect on Sailing and Trip 150.


Trip 149 - Saturday - Sept 11th 2010

Relax, tune, relax, wire, relax ...


Trip 148 - Sunday - Sept 5th 2010

Water tank, Holding tank, Relax ...


Sail 08 - Sunday - August 28th 2010

Rough water, fast trip back.


Update - Sunday - August 29th 2010

Rebuilt The Head.


Trip 147 - Wednesday Evening - August 25th 2010

Tim, Tom and Joseph and I worked on The Mast.


Sail 07- Sunday - August 22nd 2010

Beautiful wind, beautiful new sail - The Gennaker.


Trip 146 - Sunday Afternoon- August 15th 2010

The wind was just howling, so we just sat back and enjoyed the afternoon.


Trip 145 - Saturday - August 14th 2010

Boom 800 Dock Party


Trip 144 - Sunday Afternoon - August 7th 2010

One word. Hot.

We drove down, came back. A nice car ride though.


Sail 06 - Wednesday Evening - July 28th 2010

A beautiful end to a day at work.


Trip 143 - Sunday Afternoon - July 25th 2010

A quick trip for Ray and I to check on Empty Pockets.


Trip 142 - Sunday Evening - July 18th 2010

A quick trip to relax and measure.


Sail 05 - Saturday Afternoon - Evening - July 17th 2010

We tooted down to Lake City for a very enjoyable sail.


Sail 04 - Friday Evening - July 9th 2010

No witnesses, but a very pleasant sail indeed. Who knows what we did, where we went.


Trip 141 - Tuesday Evening - July 6th 2010

A quick trip down to sail or set, and hang the main back on plus the newly bannered sail cover. Then size up attaching the boom to the mast in a fixed position.


At Home - Sat Sun Mon - July 3rd, 4th, 5th 2010

Finally got the embroidery for our new name, and, time to put it on.


Sail - Friday Afternoon - July 2nd 2010

Wind wind and lotsamorewind.


Trip 140 - Wednesday Evening - June 16th 2010

There was a storm that went thru and we drove down to sail, or set.


Memorial Weekend - Friday - Monday - May 27th - 31 2010

We spent four days on Empty Pockets. Not bad. Anxious to see the interior finished.


Trip 139 - Thursday Evening - May 27th 2010

The missing part arrived, Marcia picked it up and down the road we went. Now, the cover over the drum fits fine and does not flop around. With that wrapped, it was time to hang some cloth!


Trip 135/136 - Wed/Thurs Evening - May 19/20th 2010
Trip 137/138 - Sat/Sunday - May 22/23rd 2010

The final push to get Empty Pockets in the water.  This will be the 32nd summer for her. Lots to do, so little time to do it.


Trip 132-133-134 - Fri-Sat-Sun - May 14-15-16 2010

TIme to buff/wax/fix and get it ready for the wawa.

Btw, Saturday May 15th, marked 28 years Marcia and I have been legal. We had a quiet day and after some bbq'd steaks, I fell asleep on the couch.


Trip 131 - Sunday Morning - May 2nd 2010

Time for the Home Port and the Folding Prop.


Just Some News - Sunday - May 2nd 2010

A different entry this time. Of Maine, of sewing and of busted computers.


Trip 130 - Sunday - April 11th 2010

What a beautiful day to do the bottom paint. So, Marcia and I headed down there and got to work.


Trip 129 - Easter Sunday - April 4th 2010

Time to Uncover Empty Pockets and size things up.


Trip 128 - Sunday Morning - March 14th 2010
I turned 62 today and a Trip was in order for inspection.


Clean Garage - Marcia Return - Sunday - March 21st 2010
Time to make room as a surprise awaits.


Return From Hagerstown - Frid - Sun - March 26th - 28th 2010
Sadly, our Plans for Hagerstown got scuttled.


Frank and Jeff Made It Too - Tuesday - March 30th 2010
Frank and Jeff, great movers ...


Trip 129 - Sunday Afternoon - April 4th 2010
Time for The Wrap to come off and fetch the busted alternator.


eBay Central - Pasghetti - Thursday Mar 3rd 2010

One of my nephews was wondering where the Blog was at. Well, here it is. An update on pasghetti and eBay Central.

We continue to pack and so on. When the stuff is out of the way, It will be time to fix, paint, carpet, countertop, floor, varnish, repair, lug, and so on.


Trips 126/127 - Sunday Dec 6th - Thursday Night Dec 17th 2009

Just a brief update, the first of 2010.

I made a couple trips to get the boat wrapped and that is done. And I thought an update on Maryland was also in order. When people move, they start by packing, we, are packing ...


Trip 125 - Sunday - Nov 8th 2009
Took time to winterize the engine. Unless I have to go down to patch the wrap, I am not planning on any trips til midwinter when I start the interior. Now, my priorities will be on preparing the house for sale.

I sure am looking forward to making the cabinetry and such for the inside. Then, do the electrical and instruments. No Due Dates, just a progression of lotsa little tasks.

Enjoy the winter everyone ...


Trip 124 - Sunday - Nov 1st 2009
Went to measure for new sails, unload stuff and wash the interior.


Trip 123 - Wednesday - Oct 28th 2009
I do not remember what I did. But, I showed up.


Trip 122 - Saturday Oct 24th 2009

Time to wrap Empty Pockets for the winter.


Trip 121 - Wednesday Evening - Oct 21st 2009

A quick trip to fetch the forestay to measure it for a furler.


Trip 120 - Sunday October 18th 2009

Went down to put the name on the boat. The first time in thirty years, it has had a formal name, -on-, the boat itself.


Annapolis Boat Show 2009

Quite the show. A couple-three hundred vendors/manufacturers and everything related to sailing, was there. Except flags.


Trip 119 - Tuesday Afternoon - Oct 6th 2009

Time to haul out Empty Pockets to "The Hard".


Sail 118 - Sunday - Oct 6th 2009

Tom and I did some sailing and then dropped the mast.


Sail 117- Wednesday Evening - Sept 30th 2009

Tom and I hit the lake at dark and had a magnificent sail. One, for the books.


Sail 116 - Sunday Morning - Sept 27th 2009

Tim brought his down again. Tom joined in and all three of us sailed in some fairly heavy weather.


Sail 115 - Saturday - Sept 26th 2009

Marcia as home and after some errands in the morning, we sailed from the afternoon into the night.


Trip 114 - Thursday Evening - Sept 24th 2009

I left on Tuesday night really tired. I decided then, to let thing settle, me get more sleep, and come down to wrestle this thing more refreshed.


Trip 113 - Tuesday Evening - Sept 22nd 2009

Now, the nuts are ground down, time to get all four in place and line things up.


Trip 112 - Sunday - Sept 20th 2009

Time to go back down and see if the new minimum height is low enough.


Sail - Saturday - Sept 19th 2009

Tim chartered a Catalina 30 for the day and Tom and Fred joined us on Lake Superior.


Trip 111 - Friday Evening - Sept 18th 2009

An evening to get out of the house and check those new motor mounts we learned of in Sweden, and were made in Holland. Finally, the quest for decent mounts is finished.


Sail 110 - Friday Evening - Sept 11th 2009

An evening sail with Tom and friends.


Sail 109 - Saturday Afternoon - Sept 5th 2009

Marcia and my First Sail of 2009.


Sail 108 - Wednesday Evening - Sept 2nd 2009

Tom and I did a Test Sail to make sure all was well.

Also, check out the Ship's Log - been updated.


Our Trip To Sweden 2009

Here it is, as best I can ...


Trip 106/107 - Saturday / Sunday - August 29th / 30th 2009

Hung the Boom and did other stuff.

Trip 104/105 - Fri Evening / Sun - August 14th / 16th 2009

Get the mast in the air, and fetch all my tools back to Woodbury.


Trip 102/103 - Tue/Wed Evening - August 11/12th 2009

Get the mast ready to put into the air.


A New Section

I came up with a new section called Dreams ... I hope you like it.


Trip 101- Sunday - August 9th 2009

Spent the day hooking up the Anemometer, Windex, and the VHF Coax stuff.


Trip 100 - Saturday - August 8th 2009

Work on the Masthead, Mast WIring and getting the wires thru the deck, inside the Compression Post and home safely.


Trip 99 - Thursday Evening - August 6th 2009

Hook up the propellum stuff and size up the mast ...


Trip 98 - Tuesday Evening - August 4th 2009

"It's Alive! . . . It's Alive !!!"

Dr. Frankenstein, when the monster first comes to life


Trip 97 - Sunday - August 2nd 2009

No answers, nothing new, same old issues with The Engine ...


Trip 93 - Wednesday Evening - July 29th 2009

Let's get the engine running again ...


Trip 93/94/95 - Friday Evening - Sat July 31st - Aug 1st 2009

Let's try again and again and again to get the engine running again...


Annapolis - Saturday - July 25th 2009

A trip to visit Marcia in Hagerstown and to check out a Hallberg Rassy 43' vessel.


Trip 92 - Sunday - July 19th 2009

I came down to redo the wiring by placing new plugs and clips on the wire I had from the factory. This is not the final permanent version, just one to get me by for the summer/fall.


Trip 90/91- Thursday Eve - Saturday - July 16/18th 2009

I hung some parts and got started on the electrical and shifter/throttle.


Trip 92 - Sunday - July 19th 2009

I came down to redo the wiring by placing new plugs and clips on the wire I had from the factory. This is not the final permanent version, just one to get me by for the summer/fall.


Trip 90/91- Thursday Eve - Saturday - July 16/18th 2009

I hung some parts and got started on the electrical and shifter/throttle.


Trip 89 - Wednesday Evening - July 15th 2009

Tom joined in and we slugged the engine into submission and got it into the engine compartment. We also aligned it to the prop shaft as best we could.


Trip 88 - Monday Evening - July 13th 2009

A quick trip down to bolt the engine mounts in place and get the engine assembled.


Trip 87 - Sunday - July 12th 2009

Time to get the engine mounts a'cookin and throw the engine back into the compartment where it belongs.


Week of July 3rd Thru 11th 2009

A sad week indeed ...


Trip 85/86 - Sunday and Tuesday - June 28/30 2009

Did some repairwork and started to prep the remaining companionway teak.


Home - Fri Nite - Saturday - June 26/27 2009

Finished all the blue, yellow, black, red and clear paints. The engine is now in the car waiting for the trip to Lake City.


Home - Thursday Evening - June 25th 2009

Time to get the engine painted.


At Home - Sunday & Monday Evening - June 21st / 22nd 2009

After a weekend of frivolity and a wedding, time to get back to work.

For those of you who have never seen an Official Marine Chart, here is a link to the Bay of Delaware.


Trip 84 - Sunday Evening - May 14th 2009

A quick trip, some facts and a very pleasant surprise.


Trip 83 - Wednesday Evening - May 11th 2009

Strip parts from the engine, and check out the Holding and Water Tank one last, final time.


Trip 82/83 - Wednesday & Friday Evening - June 3rd & 5th 2009

Clean more grunge and fetch my tools.


Comments - Tuesday Evening - June 2nd 2009

Just some thoughts of Dreams, Reality and Vision ...


Trip 81- Sunday Afternoon - May 31st 2009

More bilge pump drainage, and finally found the Magic Elixir of Grunge. Some of the back end, is now white, again.


Trip 80 - Saturday Afternoon - May 30th 2009

Now that the engine is ready for paint, I went to get the process of cleaning the engine compartment and other areas and to relocate the bilge pump.


Home - Wed/Thursday Evening - May 27/28th 2009

Some at home and finished bench running the engine.


Trip 79 - Sunday Morning - May 24th 2009

A nice Car Ride to fetch my tools and check on the drip in the engine compartment.


Home - Memorial Day - Monday - May 25th 2009

Took time early in the day to hook it up, and start it up ...

I Did and It Did ...


Home - Thursday Evening - May 21st 2009

Get the engine further together.


Trip 78 - Wednesday Evening - May 20th 2009

Install the Bilge Pump and temporary shore power.


Trip 77 - Tuesday Evening - May 19th 2009

Check things out - Empty Pockets has a leak.


Trip 76 - Monday Morning- May 18th 2009

Launch Empty Pockets


Trip 75 - Sunday - May 17th 2009

One last push to get it ready for the water Monday morning. Tom came by to help me. Tim also sent some images of his 21'er. He named his boat "Paws Aboard"


Trip 73/74 - Friday Evening - Saturday - May 15/16th 2009

Lost a week, so get going and get prepped.

Also a new name for The Boate .. A real hum dinger.


Trip 71/72 - Sat/Sun - May 9th & 10th 2009

Polish the hull and work on the seacocks and prop/shaft.


Trip 70 - Thursday Evening - May 7th 2009

A week of Road Trips, engine asembly and to Lake City.


Trip 69 - Saturday - May 2nd 2009

Time to seal up the holes in the hull that might, just might, sink the boat. Even at the dock.


Home - Wed Thru Fri Evening - April 28th - May 1st 2009

Kind of a tough week, but time to start putting the engine back together.


Home - The Weekend - April 24-26th 2009

Transmission flush and Engine cleanup.


Home - Wednesday Evening - April 22nd 2009

Thought I would clean up the prop and the shaft. Here we go ...


Home - Tuesday Evening - April 21st 2009

Picked up the engine parts and brought this mess up to date.


Home, Hagerstown, Annapolis - Lotsa Dates - April 17th 2009

Brought the Boxster to Hagerstown for Marcia, back again the following weekend and we spent two days looking at large boats. Fun it was. Here are over 300 images that tell the story.


Trip 68 - Saturday - April 4th 2009

Lots of exciting, complicated and worthwhile things to look at today.


Trip 67 - Sunday - March 22nd 2009

Went down to continue cleaning up the compartments. Wanted to get all done except for the Diesel Gunk areas.


Trip 66 - Saturday - March 21st 2009

Another trip to clean things up a bit and prep for painting the compartments.


Trip 65 - Sunday - March 15th 2009

Time to prep the holes for being patched. And a couple other odd jobs on lsland Sunset. Unlike other magazines, if the pictures bore you, at least read the concluding paragraphs.


Trip 64 - Saturday - Mar 14th, 2009

Weather was 45 degrees and time to get hoofing again. Grind out some fibreglas, lift some wires, wipe down some grunge.


Trip 63 - Sunday - Mar 8th, 2009

It was Marcia's weekend to be home, so we took a car-ride to Lake City and did some things where four hands were required.


Home - Monday - Friday - Feb 16th - 20th 2009

Did you think the last entry was b-o-r-i-n-g? Have I got news for you. The starter was a cakewlk compared to the diesel engine.

But, for you Motorheads, Gear Grinders, Wrenches and folks from Loma Linde, here is what the innards of this engine look like.

Brace yourself. Strong drink and seat belts are advised.


Home - Sunday / Tuesday - Feb 8th & 10th 2009

This one is really boring. Read at your own peril. But, time to turn to mechanical things and freshen up the twenty five year old starter.


Trip 61/62 - Saturday/Sunday - Jan 31st / Feb 1st 2009

Weather was 45 degrees on Saturday. Time to get down there and see if the new water tank will go in. Did that and prepped for new instrument sending guages and moving a couple thru-hull seacocks.


Trip 60 - Sunday - Jan 19th 2009

A quick trip down to do some measurements and check out if the new water tank I want, will fit.

And, here are the original Catalina Work orders from the factory for Island Sunset.

A new section has been added. Images of the original Catalina Factory Work Order and Serial Numbers etc for the Major Components.


Hagerstown - Christmas 2008

A snapshot of where Marcia lives and works. Plus, the Hershey Candy Company.


Washing Sails - December 9th 2008

Just a small entry to show how to wash some really big pieces of dacron cloth. Three done. One to go. The fifth, the spinnaker, is fine.


Trip 59 - Saturday - December 6th 2008

After a couple weeks, time to check out the shrinkwrap and remove the holding tank and head.


Annapolis - Saturday - November 29th 2008

A surprise might be in store for you ...


Trip 57/58 - Saturday & Sunday - November 22nd / 23rd 2008

Two days spent getting the deck prepped for being wrapped in a bubble.


Trip 55/56 - Thurs Eve & Saturday - November 13th / 15th 2008

The first of three projects. Pull the engine, pull the holding tank and lines, wrap the boat in a tarp.


Trip 54 - Sunday Evening - November 2nd 2008

A quick trip after supper to finish painting The Cradle in the dark, by trouble light.


End of Season - Feelings - October 26th 2008

Just some ramblings and reflections.


Trip 53 - Saturday Evening - October 25th 2008

The casino, painting the cradle and winterizing the engine and head for Island Sunset.


Trip 52 - Friday Morning - October 24th 2008

Time to get Island Sunset in its Wintry Home. Or is that its Wintry Captivity?


Trip 51 - Thursday Afternoon - October 23rd 2008

Run Island Sunset into the harbor, pump it out, and lift it up and over to the shore.


Trip 50 - Tuesday Evening - October 21st 2008

Prepare for haulout. Drop the Mast and prep Island Sunset for Thursday when it goes back On The Hard.


Power - Sunday Afternoon- October 19th 2008

Marcia and I did some errands and took in the sunset on Island Sunset.


Trip 49 - Saturday Afternoon- October 18th 2008

A relaxing afternoon and I changed the oil.


Sail - Saturday - October 11th - #16 2008

A warm and perfect, vigorous sail down and back up the lake. Pulled a wake most of the time.


Sail - Wednesday Evening - October 8th - #15 2008

A cool yet perfect, vigorous sail up and back down the lake.


Sail - Saturday - October 4th - #14 2008

Tim and Tom joined Marcia and myself on a day sail across to Pepin, Wisc, for lunch, back up the lake on a beautiful tack, then back to the barn.


Sail - Wednesday Evening - October 1st 2008

A perfect, vigorous cool sail out across the lake twice.


Trip 48 - Sunday - Sept 28th 2008

I am going to help my nephew Mike, with some carpentry in his new home. So Marcia and I went down to fetch the remaining tools, on Our Boate. No pix, I forgot the camera. But, it was a very nice car ride.


Sail - Thursday Evening - Sept 25th 2008

Winds were simply wonderful, coming right up the lake. Steady, and kept us going all night.


Trip 47 - Saturday - Sept 20th 2008
Trip 48 - Sunday - Sept 21st - The Fall Equinox

On Saturday, Tom and I removed the pulpits, lifelines and stanchions and rebedded them. Sunday Marcia and I came down, cleaned things up and sat around.


Sail - Wednesday Evening - Sept 17h 2008

Tom joined me for a sail after work.

Now, you too can see where we were and how far we got.


Sail - Saturday and Sunday - Sept 6th & 7th 2008

Marcia invited her friends Kaye and Carol for Saturday, and Jon invited his daughter and two of her children on Sunday.


Trip 46 - Wednesday Evening - Sept 3rd 2008

Had to hook up a battery charger, Tom and I sailed and witnessed a very memorable Sunset on Our Boat, Island Sunset. The sky and clouds were literally on fire.


Labor Day Weekend - Aug 31st / Sept 1st 2008

Spent Sunday and Monday on Our Boate and relaxed the whole time, we did.


Trip 45 - Tuesday Night - August 26th 2008

A quick trip to do some repair and figure out what to do with a leaking stuffing box.


Sail - Sunday - August 24th 2008

It was Marcia's sister Martha birthday and we asked Mike and Nelly to join us. A good time was had by all.


Weekend of August 15th, Hagerstown Maryland and Antietam Battlefield

A quick trip out east where, once out of The Metro, country lanes, peaceful hillsides and quaint houses. All located in the middle of The Civil War. I brought back a few images of Antietam.

I also started a Ship's Log. Later, I will relegate it to a real, paper and pencil, Ship's Log.

Work on Our Boate has largely stopped for now. I would rather sail! But, soon, I will bring back the Galley, and plop in place for some storage and a built-in cooler.


Trip 44 - The Weekend - August 8th 2008

We spent the weekend on The Boate. Had a good time and sailed both days. Even got the construction tools back in the car and made Our Boate look real good.


Trip 43 - Thursday Evening - August 8th 2008

Mount the handrails, put some temporary strips in the comanionway, retire The Tarp and plan the Naming Party to be held Saturday August 23rd at 4:30.


Trip 42 - Tuesday Evening - Aug 5th 2008

I got this bright idea, I can sail The Boate without having the woodwork finished. So, I tore outa work at 4:00 and met Marcia in Hastings. We went to Lake City and Tom joined us there. He tightened up the Shiny Wires and I hung sails and got the belowdecks ready for tipping.

And, with a beautiful evening with us, we went out. Made some good speed in light air and enjoyed a beautiful Sunset. The only thing missing was an Island or two or three.

The day finally came. We all had a great time ...


Trip 40/41 - Saturday & Sunday - August 2nd & 3rd 2008

This has been quite a journey. Certainly one of endurance and patience. And, money for our friends in Arabia and Washington. When one is limited to weekends and after work and then being sixty miles away, it can be a very real effort.

I look back at some of my early entries and all the effort that has transpired. Of the time with the Big Wind, or belowdecks in the rain and 80+ degrees and sweating from every pore of acres of skin. Or, cleaning the engine and compartment or watching a sunset from the companionway.

But, now, The Boate is within one or two possibly trips of actually sailing. It will be fun.


Trip 39 - Thursday Evening - July 31st 2008

A quick trip, and more work got done.


Trip 38 - Monday Evening - July 29th 2008

A friend, Martie, came with and Tom did more work on the electrical stuff. Got the boom hung, and had a good time.


Trip 37 - Saturday and Sunday - July 26th / 27th 2008

The goal of the weekend? Get that mast vertical!


Trip 36- Friday Evening - July 25th 2008

A quick trip for Marcia and I and, out of the blue, Tom shows up.


Trip 35 - Wednesday Evening - July 23rd 2008
At Home - Thursday Evening - July 24th

Another trip, some more done and a night at home.


Trip 34 - Tuesday Evening - July 22nd 2008

My oldest son came with and helped out with The Boate Project.


Trip 33 - Monday Evening - July 21st 2008

Made a quick trip to accomplish something. And we did.


Trip 32 - Sunday - July 20th 2008

Bulkheads cut, trimmed, sanded (several times), stained, varnished (several times) and ready to go on The Boate.

Marcia and I went to Lake City to do just that.

Mid 80's and, even she broke a sweat.

Since I was a kidlet, I have -never-- had so much fluid exude itself from every pore of my overstuffed body. But, sweat we did and in the end, very pleased with our progress.

Btw, with a little luck and making far more lists, Saturday and Sunday, coming up, Lake City is having a city wide Leukemia Fund Raiser. The Harbor is included and will have a Fun Sail both days.

I plan to do everything I can to be in it. To raise money for a good cause, and, get this Show On The Road.

Stay Tuned ...


Trip 31 - Wednesday Evening - July 16th 2008

A brief trip to make certain the bulkheads fit. Fetch some tools and some ramblings. Enjoy.


Vacation - Friday July 4th thru Sunday July 13th 2008

Well deserve'd. Fun. Relaxing. Laid back. Well fed. We felt great. On The Boate and in Bayfield Wisc. Vacation.


Trip 30 - Monday Evening - June 30th 2008

A quick trip and a beautiful card ride..


Trip 29 - Sunday - June 29th 2008

Wrapped the Windows and did some other things as well.


Trip 28 - Saturday - June 28th 2008

Spent the day at Lake City.

I have always wondered, why we can Scope Out a Task in Our Minds, that may take An Hour. Then, when we get there, it takes the entire afternoon. Why is this so?

Today, Windows.

Not too many pix, as, when caulk is setting up, or, the boat bouncing in the waves, or, I fouled up again, and I am all alone, well, I do the best I can.

When the Window Unit is assembled, I make certain it fits in the opening, as, 2-3 were too tight. Then, I tape the outside where the caulk will bond to The Deck. Run a razor blade around the frame, marking the tape, remove the window, remove the tape -under- the frame, and gook up the frame with gook (#M #4200 Sealant) (Expensive Caulk).

After that, when the caulk has cured a bit, run a blade around the frame again to trim the caulk and remove the tape.

Voila (for Lome Linde folks, that means "Surprise"), the mess is on the tape, not on the deck.

Simple. Huh? Indeed, for Simple Minds like Mine.


Trip 27 - Wednesday Evening - June 24th 2008

Not much, but then, what on this diatribe is?

Yes, I was there, and here is The Proof.


Trip 26 - Tuesday Evening - June 23rd 2008

Quick trip for more epoxy and trim the bulkheads to fit so they can be stained and varnished.

Here, it is ...


Trip 25 - Sunday - June 22nd 2008

Did some more things at home, mowed the lawn, then came on down to keep the windows on some kind of schedule. Here is the news ...

I also added a compendium of Dokken's Rules Of Common Wisdom


Trip 24 - Saturday - June 21st 2008

Did some things during the week at home and then a quick trip to start buttoning up and cleaning up the window openings.

Tomorrow's will continue this and, I will fit the bulkheads prior to stain and varnish.


Marcia and I drive Ford Expeditions. The primary reason for something so large is safety. In an accident, even one head on, we are safer in these cars than a spec like an Escort. We get about 17+ mpg on the highway, which is not all bad. But, at $100 a fill, Ouch is the most Public Appropriate word I can muster.

In private, my language would be far more colorful ...

Call me if you really want to know what I think of these fools we have "elected" to make our lives "better". I sincerely believe, any first or second grade class, could do as good as the Finest in St Paul or Washington. Assuming these morons had -any- common sense before they were elected, after blowing their nose three times, whatever brains they had end up in the Kleenexes. And common sense is hard to find amongst the best of them. Even when combined.

We need to find the "Reset" button in this country and stomp it really hard.


Trip 23 - Sunday Morning Father's Day - June 15th 2008

A quick trip to fetch the last window and, make sure the tarp held out the drenching rains we have had. All was well and here is the bit ...


Trip 22 - Tuesday Evening - June 10th 2008

Another quick trip as Marcia and I removed almost everything - including the windows and braced for three days of storms.

Soon, things will be going back together all spanky clean and -that- is when it is really fun to work on these things. Here, it is ...


Trip 21 -Sunday Afternoon - June 8th 2008

A quick trip to make a pattern for the bulkheads. And, I ended up doing some cleaning while it was raining.


Trip 19/20 - Friday Nite - Saturday - June 06/07 2008

Ran down to drop the Mast and remove the bulkheads.


Trip 17/18 - Sun Afternoon - Wed Evening - May 2nd/5th 2008

More work on The Engine. All, so we are not stranded when we need it the most. Almost done now and dropping The Mast is next.


Trip 15/16 - Friday Night - Saturday - May 30/31th 2008

Some major cleaning and other things ...


Trip 14 - Memorial Day - Monday - May 26th 2008

Planned some clean up and lotsa breaks. Oh, and finish the other half of the rubrail as well. The weather was nice and the drive down the Wisconsin side, nicer.


Trip 13 - Saturday May 24th 2008

New rub rail, fenders, a starting switch. Ducks and Duckies, snubbers and breaks every fifteen minutes.

After all, we -are- Union Labor, after all. IBBW - Local 762 - Woodbury Chapter. -And-, we get Woodbury, not Lake City wages. Double time for the weekends. Triple that for Holiday. Twice as many breaks as usual - out of town, and, mixed sex labourers means mustard and mayo on the sandwiches. Here we go ...


Lotsa Trips

Well, things got really bizzee, so, here are the Trips and man, I was worn out on Wednesday after it floated.

Trip 8, Trip 9, Trip 10, Trip 11, Trip 12

It did feel good motoring it from the Gas Dock to the lake to the slip.

I cried ...


Trip 07 - Wednesday May 14th 2008

After bringing my mother-in-law for a pacemaker checkup, I headed down to see if I could get one side all prepped. I did, and am I sore. Here, is the story.


The Rudder - Tuesday May 13th 2008

Time to open the rudder up, repair what needs repairing and wrap it in glas again.


Trip 06 - Sunday May 11th 2008

Added some folklore above. Will add more from time to time. It has been a while since my last trip and Sunday we went for a drive and picked up the slats from the companionway. Here is the news.

"All the News that Fits, we Print."


We need a Name for Ye Olde Boat. So far we have

- Over The Rainbow
- Little Hummingbird
- ShammBerGett - (Champagne on a Beer Budget)
- Smooch and Cuddle

Any volunteers for some more?


My Second Son's Birthday Today - Sunday May 4th 2008

He would have been 35 today.


Trip 04 - Saturday - May 3rd 2008
Trip 05 - Sunday - May 4th

More demolition and Bottom Paint. All here and here.


Trip 03 - Tuesday - April 29th 2008

A quick run down to fetch some more things and start cleaning the interior. Stopped at my Boatyard and got a small item, but ordered four more. He and I will exchange alotta money and things before this adventure is done.

So, with no further adieu, here you go.


Trip 02 - Sunday - April 27th 2008

Well, after making some stops in Quainte Lil' Woodbury, we picked up Nelly, Marcia's mother, and headed out for another Mission of Mercy for Ye Olde Boate.

I wanted to fetch the winches and all the loose things and the second battery and head back. Another cold day. Like Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" when he announces the weather.

So, here it is, another Entry


Trip 01 - Friday Night - April 25th 2008

On the way home, I thought why not get the project started. So, fetched Marcia and her sister Martha and we filled the car with Stuff. Here's the evidence.


Tuesday April 22nd 2008

After a slight family emergency, we caught the banker just in time, Marcia and I closed a small loan, and I scurried to Lake City to meet Holly. I needed to know the engine would start and not go Clunkity Clunkity.

Marcia and I had already inspected what we could, had it surveyed (inspected) and also checked the sails, and the engine was the final piece. Once I got a good connection to a spare battery, and a few cranks, off it roared!

So, here is the first link - Am I Nutz ? Are We Nutz ?...

Stay Tuned ...




Well, some of you enjoyed my Asylum Blog so much, here is another one.

A few Sundays ago, Marcia and I drove around Lake Pepin. When we got to Lake City, I usually drive slowly thru the harbor, to see if Ye Olde Boate, the one I sold twenty five years ago, is still there. It was. I went to check it over and on the cradle, barely perceptible, is my last name still.

I took fate in my hands and called the harbormaster Monday to see if it might be for sale. He thought it might be, and after some discussion, and alot of research and Marcia' Blessing, Holly sold it to me.

She and her husband and family owned it for twenty of those years and really enjoyed the lake and the sailing. He passed away a bit ago and she was really surprised to get the call from the harbormaster and my inquiry.

So, Thanks Holly and Thanks Marcia! It will be fun for us to work on and sail, Ye Olde Boat. A 27' Catalina Sailboat with Dinette Interior and Diesel Inboard.




Some Folklore

The Story of Ye Olde Boate

Some Quotes

Dokken's Rules Of Common Wisdom

Empty Pockets - Ship's Log

Original Catalina Work Order & Serial Numbers For Parts

Finally ...

Trip 203 - Fri Jan 11th - Just A Checkup

Trip 204 - Fri Mar 29th - Another Checkup

Trip 205 - Wed May 15th - Prep

Trip 206 - Fri May 17th - Launch - The 35th Year In Lake City

Trip 207 - Mon May 20th - Caulk The Deck


"Words of Hope" by Pr Don Roberts