The Domer - Just A Few Tips

I thought I would start a page with some Tips for those who are heading the same direction I just did. Check back, as, I will add more to this as they pop up.

1) Make certain when you make the pier, or set the bolts for the wedge in cement, you know exactly where Polaris will be when the telescope is mounted to the wedge.

I messed that up and, of course, Polar Alignment is impossible. I was off a good fifteen degrees. I used the offset to Magnetic North and I should have simply found a landmark on my house as viewed from the Pier/Column, at night, to where Polaris will be when it is all done. I estimate I was off by about 15 degrees.

What actually happened, the magnetic offset was seven degrees and, I plopped it on the wrong side of magnetic North. Duuuh.

2) Plan on extensions, cubby holes, shelves, what ever, right away in you planning. When you are struggling to just get set up, align the thing, what ever, it is alot easier when you are not stepping on things.

3) If you live in an area with heavy dew/condensation, consider using a product called a Goldenrod. When the scope/wedge cool down at night, and the next day the humidity is sky high, it will condense on anything that is metal and cooler. The Beast and wedge were just dripping wet. I purchased two 12" Goldenrods and until they come, a 40w bulb, mounted under the scope, is keeping things dry.

4) As rumored, Polar mounted scopes get into the weirdest positions for viewing. Figure on some form of stool/chair/box to set on while using it or, you will pop a disc really fast. I will make an adjustable perch and it will find consistent use.,

5) If you removed the door for the slit and also the two plastic tracks, remember to pop them back on before the Domer is eight feet in the air. Extended discussions with your spouse as she is helping by holding the nut inside the Domer, while you are on a ladder, are alot easier while on the ground.


(To be continued)