The Domer - The Secret Trap Door

Well, I do not want to break my ankle between the Column and the Deck. So, we have to make a Secret Trap Door to fill that void.

Was a bit more than I bargained for - as usual. I really wish these projects would --always-- be --square--.


My highly detailed and elaborate plans for the Secret Trap Door.


The materials all cut and ready.


Placing the treated ply under one side.


I placed the boards against the fence which would ensure their accuracy.


Boards centered between the 25 3/4" width/height and ready for some prep.

I placed a 1" thick board against the edge, flush, and then measured one inch from the gap between the boards.


Using a sheetrock square made the task much easier.


Countersink the holes and ready for screws.


One side finished.


After both sides were well along, I took the unit to the Domer and made marks to where the Column really was. That would be the rightmost, smaller mark here. Then I backed off a quarter inch, and drew the line in the upper right corner of the image. I will use this for any dado blade work to plough out the material.


I unscrewed both boards for the dado edge.


3/4" wide of pure fury.


One done.


Two done.


All the pieces tacked down ready for the router to round the edges.


The instruments of torture.


And, will it work?


Yep. 1/4" all the way around and the cockeyed measurements worked okay too.


In Place.

Btw, WolfCraft makes a unique countersink and bit. Drills a tapered hole and works really well. All hardware stores handle them. Not necessarily the Lowes - Home Depots etc, but Ace Hardwares do.

(To be continued)