The Domer - Quite A Day, Quite A Night

"Today, Is The Day!"

Ruth Bernhardt - Photographer - 1905-2006


I got up early and snowblowed a path around the house to the back yard so Marcia and I could carry the Rings from the garage to the back yard. The back door from the garage being way to small.

And, the panels are ready so why not put it up? But the weather hit a high of seven degrees. And, yes, sadly, ever so sadly, I did dress warm.


I shoveled the snow, and swept the deck. Note the variety of tones to the frozen stain.

My oldest son thought I was the quintessential fool for applying a product meant for above 50 degrees, applied at 40 degrees with a week of rain coming.

My answer? Faith. One has to have Faith.

It really doesn't look -that- bad. And it did dry finally.


The Domer, waiting, waiting, waiting ...


The Rings beside the house. With this cold weather, the snow will not melt around where the Rings stand.


The Path. It was kinda fun blowing all that snow. We bought the thing the weekend of the infamous Halloween Blizzard. Fifteen years ago. A long story in itself, but suffice to say, when I got it home and started it up, the 42" of snow we had in 2 days?

With the right wind, one can blow it over a two story house.

I did!

The snowblower and garden tractor were two of the finest investments in Sanity Control I have ever made.


Another view from the end of the path.


I will sand the paint from the top and bottom pieces. Just for a better fit.


Haul them panels on out.


More, Instruments Of Torture. Most, to be installed when I am on my knees. Cold. Nose dripping (and not from sweat either).


The Beginnings.

The air wrench was a wonderful idea, but it is not an Ingersoll Rand. It is the cheapest thing Sams Club had.

Never again.


By strapping the top and bottom, they will all come together and I can set the Ring on top for fit.


From the front.

These straps are really handy!


Inside with the connecting boards. In the end, the best way to assemble this creation is to only use the top two bolts and set them loose so the panels can be adjusted for in and out, up and down.


Well, here we are at night.

What happened?

I, had a major problem and I forgot to photograph it.

The Panels were much larger than the Ring which sat on top. And, I was so very careful in all the measurements and cuts. The corners where the Panels come together has to be flush under the ring. I was looking at corners sticking out 1/2" to 3/4". Not good.

Here is the Skinny.

A Lower Ring, 95.50" in diameter has a circumference of 300". Divide by 12 and you get 25" for the width of the panel. But, that is the measure for the Arc, not the Flat. That is where my mistake was.

After some very careful remedial math, the correct dimension is a width of 24.50" per panel.

So, I took it all apart, trimmed the Panels, And bolted it together again.

When I attached the connecting boards this time, I only did the top bolts and then, not completely tight. So when I strapped it and snugged it together there would be some adjustment possible.

This time, with the trimmed Panels, the corners of adjoining Panels were flush with the edge of the Lower Ring.


The way we tighten the straps. These straps proved very, very useful indeed.


I decided to attach the Lower Ring to the Panels with one screw going into the Connecting Board.


Another, in the middle of the Panel, into the Panel itself.

I started with the rearmost panel, and worked my way towards the front door. Alternating side to side.


The corner flush to the outside edge of the Ring.


The Middle Ring in place.


The Upper Ring set in place.


Marcia helped me with The Domer. The manufacturer is to be congratulated. I have moved this several times and now, even with the cold, you can flop this thing all over, bending and collapsing it and the material does not crack or break. Remarkable!


From the path.

Time to warm up. It is 10:30 and zero degrees.

A last note.

Last fall, when I had the first six segments of the Upper Ring finished, I screwed them together and set the ring inside the dome. I had 1/4" all the way around for clearance.

Well, the Domer shrunk a bit in the cold weather. It appears to be about 3/4" smaller in diameter than last fall at 50 degrees. I suspect, when it is warmer and expands, and settles on down, I will have the clearance again and when it gets cold, it will tighten up but it will not split. Time will tell if I have another problem.

Sunday I will run in the remaining bolts to the connecting strips, center the whole thing and screw it down to the base.

(To be continued)