The Door - Finally ...

Finally, time and temperature to work on The Door. And, plans firmly in hand, and here we go.


I decided on a 1/4 ply backing with cedar boards. And, I glued (duuuh) the two edge pieces on with alotta glue (duuuh).


First strip mounted. The countersink bit is sure getting a workout again.


The middle boards with a bit of glue (duuuh).


Needed a spacer. A 1/16" bit will do.


Just like that.


The top trim pieces. Edges rounded (duuuh) and ready for glue (duuuh(.


All screwed into place and glued (duuuh).


Trim added and ready to go inside for the glue to dry.


Here it is. Will trim the edges, and get ready for stain. Not going to paint this one. And, will be stained inside so it dries. Btw, the Deck finally set up and looks okay.

(To Be Continued)