The Doorway - Sizing - A Bit Complicated

I needed a way to make the doorway larger than 25" and then, find the right dimensions for the adjoining panels - which have to be smaller then 25".

And, I did not want to use any complex math.

(Btw, digital cameras and using Auto Color Adjust? Sure can get mysterious.)


Remember the three panels I bolted together? Well, I marked the floor with tape along the outside edges.


Marked the places where the corners will be.


From the center panel, I marked where 12 1/2" would be. Half of the 25" face.


Then, I drew a perpendicular from the center.


And, made two more marks for the 30" door.


Here are those marks and a closeup.


Then, leave some room for clearance and another inch for the door frame, and here is the outside of the frame.

I left a half inch where the frame would extend past the panel to the outside.


The door frame all cut and ready.


Rounding the edges. Note the small door frame strips where the door will lay up against.


One side glued and now for the other.


Everything assembled and ready for thedoor.


Close up.

(To Be Continued)