The Panels - How To Fasten Them Together

I thought I would use some 2x4's and fasten the panels together with them.


Here is what we need for the end view. This way, the angle between panels will be held and I can use lag bolts to fasten them together.


Drilling into an angled surface is hard. Using a Forstner bit makes it alot easier. I selected the one where the washer would fit just right.


Ooops, already frilled the face hole, now, just drill a pilot hole for the lag bolt. Using a drill press insures when I drill the pilot holes in the panels to receive the bolts, they will be kinda perpendicular. After that hole is drilled, and before I mount the strips, I will drill a larger clearance hole.


The jig I made to help make the holes evenly spaced. The two outside lines mark where to place the ends.


All drilled, ready to go.


Close up.


A 1/4" bolt and a 5/16" The 1/4" sure looks kinda puny. I went with the larger size.


Getting ready to mount one.


I made a small jig to indicate where the edge of each strip will be from the edge of a panel.


In use.


We drill the pilot holes in the panel.


The actual hole for the bolt.


And, all tightened down.


Repeated the process for two more panels to help make the measures for Panels 10-11 and also the door.


From the other side. Ready for paint.