The Panels - Nbrs 1-9 - Final Trimming

I thought I would square up the panels and make the sizing as close as I could.


First, I trimmed one dimension to 37 15/16". Then, flipped it over and the other is 37 7/8".


Here is the 15 degree offset and rounded corner I am looking for. Now, I have to figger out a way to know where to place the angled cut.


The Olde Adjustable Square. A Stanley, too.


And, we mark the cut on some scrap wood.


Then, we trace around the sample block.

Note: The difference in the fifteen degree mark at the edge, and where the radius has to be. The dimension was actually 3/32", but I allowed 1/16". Close enough.


We radius all the edges and set up the saw and start trimming the sides.


The finished product.


These will be the 1" base I mentioned earlier. These too have to be cut to fifteen degrees.


Well, fasten them to the panels and make both cuts at once.


Magic, it is.


Where the screws will fasten each panel to the deck.

(To Be Continued)