The Panels - Nbrs 1-9

I cut most of the wood for the panels/walls yesterday. For rough limber, it is fairly accurate to work with.

Panels #10-11 will need to address the door frame and panel #12 is the door. I have to think of these for a bit.


Tonight I had some trouble with keeping stuff square, so I placed the plywood panel down first to use two edges as a guide. Plus, any glue now dripped on the ply and will end up inside the panel anyway.

Note the edges all glued ready for the masonite panel.


The frame is square and the masonite insert has been screwed down. We flip it over and get ready to screw down the inside of the panel.

At first I was goin gto glue the beadboard to the outside/inside covers. But, the bond is far stronger than the board and I found that step unnecessary.

If thin ply has a "Belly" face that skin towards the inside.


An old trick is to leave 1/16 - 1/8" around the edges to make up for any slop. (Which you will experience.) All we do is locate the panel evenly on all four sides.


The ply is ready for marking the screw locations.


Marks-Alot works great for this.


I made a small measure for the screw locations.


All battened down. Yes, I know the to pand bottom screws look a bit out of place. As, they are!


Not bad for November 12th at night.


Three done.


Difference between start and finish of a panel.


The nine stacked and ready for drying and then some prep and the oil based primer.

(To Be Continued)