The Panels - More Dust and My Delta Dust Collector

Now I have the measurements, it is time to chop up some more wood. All straight cuts so it will not be the ordeal the Rings were.

And, most importantly, the pieces get -smaller- not -larger-.


As usual, the sawdust from the previous session.


Not bad for a good sized pile. From this I decided to lug out my Delta Dust Collector. Note: Using it for a router? I do not have the proper attachments/adapters.


After the fact, but this Power Mitre Box is a wonderful tool. After I got this, I I gave my Sears Radial saw to my nephew.


The siding and back piece all cut.


Lotsa cutting today. The Dust Collector is sure getting filled up fast.


Chopped to length, and dados cut into the frames.


Spare parts.


Now for the end notches.


More notches.


The way the notches worked out. Makes for a good fit.


Reverse the drill bit in the countersink and then, drill through the work and into a regular piece of plywood. Seeing as the bit cannot drill a hole, it serves as a depth guage quite nicely.


Sure does.


Elmer's outdoor waterproof glue. Sure is rather runny compared to the other stuff.


I had an old brush that was pretty much one piece (dried varnish). I took it to the saw, chopped half the bristles off, soaked it in lacquer thinner for a week and used it ever since for gluing things.

A plastic oil bottle has served just as long as a cup.

Cleanup? Run it under pure hot water for a couple minutes or soke in Dawn and water overnight.

Doesn't look like much but it sure works well.


A frame set out ready for glue.


The panel inserted to the frame.

(To Be Continued)