The Deck - No Dust - But My Back And Knees Hurt - Really

All keyed up to have the deck/platform ready by Saturday afternoon.


Starting Sunday, it is supposed to rain/sleet/snow and be kind of crappy for the week. So, better work on this while it is kinda nice.


All set to start chopping the joists to length.


Two done. Time for supper.


I made a simple jig to align the joist hangers with. It worked great as you shall see.


Just Like Downtown!


The easy ones are set in place. Besides the hangers, I also ran some 4" screws in from each end. Busted two Phillips bits doing it and had to use my 120v 1/2" drill to ram them home.


The hangers and joists.


All are in place, ready to go.


The Instruments of Torture.


Especially these. But, sure glad I have'm.


This is not dawn, it is after 11:00am. Just another blaaah Minnesota day in the "Land of 10,000 Taxes, Where Nothing Is Allowed".

But, all the deck lumber is laid down and screwed. And, am getting ready to run the circular saw down the edges next to the 2x4 as a guide to trim all the ends.

This is the first time I have done that and it worked rather well. I also ran down the edge with a router and rounded the edge just a bit.


The bottom column with room to wrangle the carriage bolts and washers and nuts.


Ready to saw.


All the tools that fit, we use.


Nice round corners for the shins.



I am headed off to Home Depot for some stain. Hovering in the fortie's, but I do not care. Even if some just soaks in, I will be happy.


From the top. The column does not move at all in the ground. I am hoping when the spring thaw comes, it will not sag in one direction or the other.


I will fit a Trap Door with an opening for the Upper Column. I have an opening in that plus so to reach down here for the bolts.


Yes, alot of turquoise tools in my garage. All, instruments of some form of torture and pain. Yet, used properly, they get the job done.

Not bragging here, but, I do have a few more that were not needed (this time).