The Deck Base - Part II - Post Defeat (Post de Feet?)


Part I of "du Grande Adventure", came to a screeching halt when I had some tubing staring at me, at the bottom of "My Hole".

ps; Wanna know how many True Blue Friends you got? Do ya Bunkie?

Ask them to join you in the mud and cold to dig -another- hole.


All the "Instrumentes du Torture". All fresh, clean, in their places. Waiting for you.

I wish I made more money, and I wish, I knew someone dumber than I, I wish, that person would dig My Hole. Would $100 be enough? $200? Aw, H, $500 and I know someone would dig in back here so I can take a nap.


The original, foreground, and, it's Big Brother.


And, what, do you think I might use this for?

So I can lay down on the job and dig My Hole.


Just like this. It will suck up cats three blocks away. Trouble is, when they hit the baffle inside, they sure screech. Maybe not a solid idea.

But, sure is fun to contemplate.

I dug some footings for a deck a while back, and this sure made an impossible job easy when four feet in the ground with a 12" dia hole which the post hole digger complained of. (The actual tool, ad the digger)




I thought before I dropped this column into Never Never Land, I would predrill (20) holes, five per side, for the carriage bolt connection between the column in the ground and the column inside The Domer.


After me neighbor stopped by to assist me in My Hour Of Need, The Column, is happy indeed in its newfound home. I plopped a board across to hold it level to the frame.

Btw, if you do that, check things out as you go along, backfilling the hole with dirt. In The End, it is slightly off (< 1/8 bubble), but my goal was to make my mother happy by being Right On.


Next, to move the four sides to accomodate the New Hole and it, in a new location.


Everything but dead rats and kerosene went down the inside. After all, it is treated lumber, isn't it?

The neighbor's hamster? Never saw it.

A lost cat? Nope, same story, and I am sticking to it.

How will I get it out when I move to warmer digs?

I will not.

I will simply saw the top off, just above the PermaFrost with a Sawzall. And, a blade with 5-6 teeth every inch. That sucker will rip thru the Pyramids if needed.

And cover it up with rock.

May God Bless the man that invented that tool, and Air Conditioning.


One done, three sides to go.


See the Splotch? This is how far we have to move everything to avoid the tubes and drain tile from the first hole.


I carefully placed, and screwed, boards where the center of the deck had to be. Three were on the money, but the fourth? I used the other side of the board and once again, proved to the IRS, how capable I am.


By placing a board across the top of the column and drawing an "X" from the corners, this marked where the center of the column was.


Another angle.


And, after all four sides were redone and leveled, the whole darn thing was this far off due to one board being set wrong.

Asylum - 1
Dokken - 0

So, I cussed appropriately, using the choicest of words and emphasis, had lunch, and decided to just muscle everything over about three inches.

That worked. (The cussing, that is.)


Then I put away the "Instrumentes du Torture" and cleaned the mud away and got ready for the impending rain.

Actually, I thought a Power Nap was really in order.

And I did pick all up.

Mom, would be proud today.


Another angle of The Crime Scene.


More misery, plopping the rock back. But I will wait for another day before I do that,


Neatly cleaned and replaced. I hope I can sell them at my Estate Sale before I use these again.


A composite, kind of showing, kind of, the Celestrial Equator. Where the planets roam freely.


And, looking to the Northwest, between the houses, I can see the other end of the Celestrial Equator.

The Deck - 0
Dokken - 1


For The Record.

Blue - The original spot for The Asylum. But, this was too close to the trees to the East. South? A bit better.

Red - Great for the other end of the Celestrial Equator to the West, but, the trees to the East/SouthEast? Tall and getting taller. Oh plus, our house was in the way. Also, this site was too far to get to, being so out of the way.

White - Surprisingly, the best compromise. Dark Skyes to the East and South. Can get a glimpse between the houses with Venus and Saturn when they are at the far end of the Celestrial Equator to the Northwest. And, the lights from the living room would not be beaming into My Asylum in the Blue Spot. Only down side was 3-4 trees got thinnned out.

Trees - 0
Dokken - 1

The score is getting better.


(To Be Continued)