The Rings - Final Phase - More Dust and Fini

Well, all good things come to an end. After thinking on the wheels, track, height and such, I made some changes.

First, I made the groove in the Upper and Bottom Ring deeper. Then, with a smaller bit, I cut an additional, narrow groove at the bottom of the exisiting groove so the wheels would track alot betterer. This small groove is only a 1/6" deep and really firmed up the tracking Big Time.

Then, I rounded the Bottom Rings edges and fastened the carriage bolts in their places.

Here are the images to prove it!


The smaller groove bit ready to choke up my lungs with more dust.


I found, that this combination of washers kept the wheels tracking much better. A really small, pointed long nose pliers made this task alot easier.


Btw, when you have two things aligned with each other and screwed down, pop a couple "X's" so if you take them apart, you know how to orient them again if you decide to do more work on them.


The finished product. I did not think of where I could store these suckers. At 8', they get a bit unwieldly to handle.


When assembled, the stack came down to 5 3/8" thick. That will leave a minimum of 5/8" drip ledge from The Domer. Should be adequate.

I hope no well meaning bugs do not meet their demise as I rotate the wheels in their direction.


The place of Torture. Ready for the next victim.


Folding tables make nice places to plop tools when they are resting between victims.


The ones that did the Heavy Lifting.


Devine Inspiration. Every shop should have at least one.


And, The Dust. Always, The Dust. Amazing I did not blow up the house during this process.

Next, the top portion of The Column.