The Rings - Phase IV - Dust and Wheels and Lots More Dust

Remember all that glue oozing all over? Well, that dried now and we need to grind it off. That, is alotta work.

Then, we need to prep the rings and let The Rubber Meet The Road and see if Plan (B) will be in force.


Playing the martyr I am, and here are the new Tools Of Torture. I know them well and yes, I will hurt when these are not needed later on.


I used the 5" grinder to get rid of the excess glue. My garage ended up in a coating of dust reminiscent of a volcanic eruption and the resulting ash everywhere. I used #36 grit and it sure did the job. It sure did.


Nice and even and no more glue. Love that Baltic Birch plywood. It is wonderful to work with.


Done and prepped clean.


How to hold secure an 8' ring and how to find the center? Plop it on a sheet of plywood!


These will hold the ring on place.


Using the same thickness materials, we build a pylon. I used the drill press to make certain the hole is vertical. Do some careful measuring, and all set to go.


Ready to go.


Using a 1" Roundnose bit, I lay a groove down for the wheels. The same tool and settings will do the other ring as well.


Just deep enough. After final fitting, I may need to be a bit deeper yet.


I set the Upper Ring concentic to the Bottom Ring and will screw them together.


The screw w/o the mark is one of six places I secured.


Looking good it is.


Router, mounted and ready to go.


The Groove ...


One serious drill bit!


Time to make a slot for the wheels.


From the top.


Lets mount the wheel with a 3 1/2" carriage bolt.


(14) to go.


All together and working just great. My ninety seven year old mother could rotate the ring with one finger.

The sandwich.

Now to see if it will be happy when placed under The Domer. Time for supper, and get my feet off the floor.

Now, I wished I had not made a serious commitment to lay off The Sauce for a while. Is, 2+ weeks long enough?

(To Be Continued)