The Rings - Phase II - Do They Fit?

Well, here is Part II of this aggrevation and misery.

My mother always thought I was a Quick Learner. So, the Bright Bulb I am, I thought, "Before I whittle out another 42 segments and 7 more rings, why not see if this one actually fits?"

Duuuh ...

So, I bolted three together. By butting them end to end and holding them together with a plywood piece.

Measuring across the face, end to end, I got 98+ inches. Hmmm 96.5" is what I planned.

That means, the ends are not the right angle, and I would end up with a football shaped ring after I joined two halves together.

Okay, gots to do it betterer ...


After some careful thinking and the resultant stress and headache, I figgered if I stacked rings on top of their buddies, no matter what the end was doing, the arc would be constant. ie: The joint where one segment butts to another, would be determined by the radius, not the angle of the end cut.

So, here is a stack of rings and I will see how far off the ends are.


I also made a jig to rest the segment against and by refining this whole thing, I could make the end cut, very very good indeed. I used one of the trims/drops when I cut the first arc.


Lined up the edge to the cut in the mitre guage.


Since the plywood was four feet across, and twenty four inches to the center, I lined up the "jig" to be twenty four inches from the blade.


I marked the Top Side of those segments I was working with so not to confuse my PeeWeeBrain "Who's On First?"


When I cut the other end, I made a knife mark where the cut would start. You can barely see it here.


After all that, I again screwed them together with some 1/2" ply scrap and whupped the dome over and flopped the ring inside the dome.

Would it go in?

How sloppy was the fit?

Am I crazy?

Why, Do I need these toys?


Yes it went in. So far so good.


And yes, as planned, the gap between the ring and the domer was roughly 1/4" or so. Good enough for me.

Vonderfull ...

(42) to go ...


Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California, 1960
(c) Ansel Adams

Moon and ExploraDome, 2007
(c) Jon Dokken


Okay, so which one is better? More exciting? Better Technically?

How much do you need to be paid?

(To Be Continued)