Upper Column - Time To Install

Today, is the day. Time to put most of the pieces together and see how it looks. We will start with the Top Column installation.


We set it in place.


Today's Tools Of Misery.


We remove the trap door so we can get at the bolts from underneath.


A carriage bolt has a square part to the head. Here, we put two oversize fender washers so the square portion comes right thru.


And, two fender washers plus a regular washer at the business end.


Drop a part? Get the magnet.


Put a couple bolts on this side and the side opposite for alignment.


Looking at the bolts from the top, one on the right is tightened, the other is not. The wood compresses quite a bit.


All twelve bolts in position and this creation is as solid as a rock.

There has been some discussion whether this will be stable and not move. Or, swell with humidity for a long exposure. As compared to a cement pillar with footing.

I will go on record and state, I am absolutely confident this will be stable for visual observing as well as the longest photography exposures of 4-6 hours.

This summer I will varnish it when the nice weather hits. I want the interior to have a nice Northwoods pine feel to it.

Next, the wedge and The Beast.