The Upper Column - Fini (And Lots More Dust/Sneezing

Well, all good misery must come to an end. At least a little of it. Finally, assembly of the Upper Column comes together.


The base of what's on top, will be three layers of ply. Two would have done it, but one more is always better. Here is the bottom layer, being glued to the middle layer.


Then, we need to figger the angular offset from the column to the wedge. Earlier, I looked up some tables some smart guys put together and then used that, plus magnetic north and aligned the edge of the compass base to the Asylum. Carefully rotated the compass dial to the Celestrial North Pole and here we are.


Carefully set the wedge on the column and aligned it to the compass.

Note: The wedge is set on some spacers so the pin that sticks out from the base will clear the surface. You will see that later. The knobs, one shown on this side, are connected to that.

Then, I pondered for some time how to easily figger where three holes had to be drilled for the 3/8" bolts that will support the wedge. One of the slotted holes are shown here.


Then I thought, line up the wedge to North, and carefully put dots at the ends of the slots on the wood surface.

One on the left, one on the right.


Here they are from looking thru the actual slot. Not bad, was it?


And here is the wedge on top of the column.


And again.


Ooops, you are not supposed to see this mess!


The dots are 1 7/8" apart and the center between them would be 15/16" from each.


The, the radius of the bolt circle is 4 3/16" and here we go.


4 3/16". Note, the curvature of the arc plops the center just 1/16" from the two dots.


Then, we centre punch all the holes we need around the edge and everywhere else.




Drilled, countersunk and ready to go.

The four oddballs are to keep the middle layer tight whole the glue dries.


Forsman Bits - Gotsta Love'em ...

The are used to drill really clean holes and will not splinter the wood when entering. I oil them down with WD-40 when I am done. No rust so far and these babies are expensive.

It is nice, to have someone share life with me who does not give me grief when I buy toys like these. One, can never have enough.


All three drilled. Should I do one in the centre for the 1/2" bolt?


Why not.

Here the three top pieces are glued and joined and set in place.


From the top. Not bad!!


Now, to cut a slot for the 1/4" peg that is used to rotate the base during alignment.


This worked the best. The length of the slot is not critical. I eyeballed that.


Clean, was it not?


The Peg. You must not set the wedge down on something flat as, this will get the brunt of all of that. And, it should not.


All set and ready for The Glue.


I have -always- liked lotsa glue. I could have used more, but, I think this will do the job.


The Upper Column, all glued, screwed and ready to go. And, all wiped down with water to get rid of the extra glue.


Then, sand the edges of the top and round the edge with a router.

Gotta love them power tools!


I used a small shallow pot for the outline of the circle at the bottom of the Column. This will be used to reach thru this hole and work with the dozen bolts that fasten the Upper and Lower Columns together.


Good sized!


One more Turquoise Tool. A Sawzall. Every man or woman, who has tools in the garage -has- to have one of these.

When the going gets rough, I grab this one.


And the finished cutout in the bottom.


The Trap Door to keep put bugs and critters. I used a spare handle from something to get it outa there.


And, in place.


All the hardware to mount the Wedge.


The Result.




From underneath.


And again.


Remember this slot? Well, sure does no good being 1 1/2" away from the action. Gotsta fix this.


The Peg. One more time.




I made a slot in some ply and glued them together. Will work just dandy.

Will screw it in place in the morning when the glue is all set up.

And, that does it for the Upper Column. In the spring, I will stain and varnish this thing.