The Upper Column - Round II

Now it is time to put the second layer onto the first. Cut in some Cubby Holes and plop the top in place for the Wedge and Scope.


One side with glue, ready for the side piece.

By now, you should have noticed, I like to use glue very, very liberally.


One side done and the next ready to go. All screws set and countersunk.

I also did some forward planning in their location so as not to cause issues down the road.

(I hope)


All four sides done, the edges rounded and start getting the top pieces ready.


Plan (A)

I saw this on TV as to how to use a collet in your router and run that around the inside of a frame to cut an opening. The problem I ran into? The frame is 3/4" thick, the sides 1 1/2" and the bit is not long enough.


Plan (B)

Well, I thought of using the fence attachment I purchased and see how that worked. Better, but what do I do when the edge is too far away?


Plan (C)

Duuuh, place a board as needed and run the router up against that. Can work as an outside or inside guide.

Now, we are cooking with gas.


The Results.



Rounded the edges of the cubbies and let's haul it outside to see how it fits.

Finally, the hard work is coming together.


Well, I had to grind some areas on the Bottom Column but, here we are. All snuggily and tight.


I placed 8 screws to hold thing in place while I drilled the holes for the carriage bolts.




The (3) holes per side times four sides. Once the bolts are tight, nothing will move.

(For those interested, this is really dim light and I used an ISO rating of 6400 on my Nikon D1H.)


It is amazing what 60grit in a grinder can do to plywood.


The three top pieces. I trimmed all to an exact fit and made certain the joints will end up really tight.

These will be inset to the top and glued to each other and the sides and I will run 3 1/2" screws down from the top plate.

Before I can do that, I have to locate and drill the three holes for the wedge. I will use 3/8" carriage bolts which will extend about 2 1/2" from the top and the wedge will have nuts/washers top and bottom to hold it and make it easy to level (and keep level).


(To Be Continued)