The Upper Column - No Dust But Lotsa Glue And Patience

I cut the pieces for the Upper Column yesterday and, got up the nerve to glue these tonight. The column is a two layer affair and I am only going to do the inner layup tonight.

The key thing to strive for is where every joint is square to the whole. My cuts were quite accurate so I am expecting this phase to go rather well.


We mark and drill and countersink holes for the screws. The sheetrock square is very useful for this.


I tacked the shelves in place and wanted to see how "straight" the pieces were.

I, was impressed and this shoud lay up very easily.


I used a lotta glue with a small brush.


Edge joint all set to go.


Sometimes I had to draw the pieces together.


And, when done, wipe the glue off as best I could.


All screwed together and the flats are absolutely square. Time for a break and wrap the rest tomorrow night.

(To Be Continued)